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     A big thanks to all who supported us at our Grand Opening on EASTER MONDAY. Our next event will be on Discovery Day, May 15, 2006. See you then.....    

Breakers Speedway

Breakers Speedway is open to all types of Racing and Street Legal vehicles including Motorcycles.

All vehicles that participate must pass a safety tech inspection.

Drivers must have a valid Driver’s license and sign a Waiver and Release form before being allowed to participate.

This community-based program is designed to offer a safe alternative to Illegal Street racing at the same time affording those participants who have real race cars and muscle cars a place to test their cars or just come out and see how fast they really are. The Speedway is also available for private testing.

Competition in a structured format demonstrates the advantages of racing on the track and not on the street. The blend of old school and new school racers base their rivalries on performance in a safe, organized environment. These newly organized racers will quickly become ambassadors for the program and the sport of drag racing. Many of the old time racers will also become advocates of 1/8 mile Drag Racing. Come out and become one of the many who finally realize the advantages of 1/8 mile competition.

With heads up action, some racers choose to pair up with their buddies and see who has the FASTEST car or motorcycle. Remember it is SAFE, FUN AND FAST.

Bring your friends, family and neighbors it will be the MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF FUN for the least amount of money ANYWHERE.

Street racing is not drag racing.

 Full Concessions available, Fuel & Nitrous will be available soon.

Breakers Speedway will become more than just a place to race, it’s a great meeting place, a weekly social gathering with rumbling motors and spinning tires as a part of the ambiance.

It’s a part of the community.



The best dragstrip in the Caribbean is finally here.
Cayman's only motor and
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