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A local businessman’s driving ambition – to provide Cayman with its own purpose built motorsports park – is still right on track. And Robert Campbell’s dream of having the motor and family recreation park at Breakers in full operation in two years time is expected to move one step nearer this summer. His current goal is to get the drag strip on the 65–acre site usable by some time in September.

Despite the ever– increasing total costs, which he says could now rise to more than $10 million, Mr. Campbell might almost be said to have a one track mind when it comes to his determination to get the job done. “It’s like ants building an anthill. Sometimes it’s one grain at a time. But I am determined to get it done,” he said. Work on the park – which will include a 1.2 mile road course and a 6,000–seat, covered grandstand – had recently almost stalled after being hampered by lack of funds.

Mr. Campbell said he is always open to talking to serious investors or anyone else who can help. But he added that so far it is basically his own money, equipment and time that have enabled the project to go ahead. The park will one day have facilities for all kinds of motorsports, testing and training. “The complex has the ability to house six to eight different motoring activities at the same time and have other family activities,” said Mr. Campbell.

For more than the last three years there has been no motor racing on a purpose built track in Cayman, he said. “Motorsports enthusiasts are eager to have the facility which will be completely safe, marshalled and supervised,” he said.“The island definitely needs this facility. “We are crying out for a place for youngsters to experience and enjoy the excitement of motoring, and that’s not just speed. We will have special skill courses where a good amount of skills are required,” he added.

“I have been very concerned about the high rates of accidents on the roads. Youngsters need somewhere safe to let off steam and become better drivers,” said Mr. Campbell. “I strongly believe it will assist in the conduct and standards of our youth,” he said. “There will be a lot of training provided, training by experienced local drivers and international drivers who will visit,” he added. “People don’t realise the work that has gone into the scheme already. And they don’t realise the work that’s involved in building it to the right standard,” said Mr. Campbell.

“It’s being built to international standards so we can attract international class events,” he said. “The main thing is we want to give our youngsters a safe, controlled environment to enjoy motorsports, and that’s still my main focus.”

The best dragstrip in the Caribbean is finally here.
Cayman's only motor and
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